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What is the Best Anti-Wrinkles Treatment?
What is the Best  Anti-Wrinkles Treatment?

The definition of the best Anti-wrinkles cosmetic treatment is always difficult to establish.
Nonetheless, in the mind of LSI’s investigators and scientists, an ideal anti-wrinkles treatment should work at different levels:

- Epidermis: this is the first target of any cosmetic product.
It is of utmost importance maintaining a good hydration status of the epidermis, in order to guarantee the barrier function but also avoid scaly appearance of the skin.

- Dermal-epidermal junction has a key role in the nutrition of the epidermal cells.
With aging, the rete ridges of DEJ are unfolding and taking an even appearance.
The challenge is reversing this physiological process by folding again the rete ridges.

- Dermis is another major target for an anti-aging cosmetic.

To restore the firmness of the skin, we should improve the cohesion of connective tissue, but also increase the production of dermal proteins such as collagen, elastin and laminins.
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